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Natural Stone surface finishes

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We have the facilities  to turn your imaginative ideas into reality.

Stone & Tile Cutting Service

For any cutting services you need, talk to us. We have the facilities  to turn your imaginative ideas into reality.

From bullnoses to intricate patterns, we have the technology to bring them to life!

Slab & Tile Scoring

Stone tiles are typically quarried by cutting off large pieces of rock, which are then cut and sliced into slabs using a large industrial saw. These slabs are then polished down to give them a nice, smooth finish, and are further cut down into the finished tiles.

We have the facilities to cut your tiles to your size requirements. Contact us with your project specifications for a free quote. We can handle large quantities to deliver your tiles on time with industries best prices.

WaterJet Designs

Waterjet cutting is a computer controlled cutting machine. The machine works with high pressure water and abrasive, focussed into a tiny nozzle for cutting the hardest of materials and natural stones. The advantages of Waterjet cutting is that is allows the operator to cut complex shapes because of it’s high precision and accuracy. Cutting stone with Waterjet takes a fraction of time, compared to any traditional or manual cutting. It’s a real cost saver for projects with intricate designs.

Stone Edges

Stone edges come in all kinds of shapes. In fact if you have a specific style in mind, we can produce it. Kitchen and bathroom benches are predominantly where people want a creative edge. Whether it’s for safety, to produce a smooth edge to avoid injuries or for cosmetic reasons, we have a large selection of edges for you to choose from, or design your own. With our expert team of fabricators, we can help produce the unique designs you are after.


Have a question about the fabrication of your natural stone or tiles?