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Euro International | Waterjet Cutting For Natural Stone
Waterjet Cutting For Natural Stone And Marble Slabs. 25 yrs Experience with Stone Fabrication And Stone Masonry. Sydney Tile And Slab Cutting And Installation.
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What is waterjet cutting?

Euro International Cutting Services

Waterjet is a CNC (computer controlled) cutting machine. The machine works with high pressure water Рup to 60,000 psi Рand abrasive focussed into a tiny nozzle for cutting almost any material such as natural and manmade stone with various thicknesses. The movement of the nozzle is computer controlled with high accuracy, ensuring the final product is identical to the design.

The advantages of Waterjet is that it allows us to cut complex shapes and designs. It allows us to be more creative and to produce unique and intricate designs. The computer controlled Waterjet high precision and accuracy ensures the finished product will be the same as the drawing. Cutting stone with Waterjet takes a fraction of the time and is high in precision, compared to any traditional or manual cutting. It’s a cost saver!

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